It is with a great sense of honor we would like to take a moment and make note that all our wooden paddles are handcrafted from ETHICALLY harvested raw hardwoods which have been LEGALLY imported from all around the world.

As a symbol of our gratitude and commitment to excellence, every Twisted Engineering paddle comes with its very own embroidered velveteen drawstring bag to stylishly protect your investment when not in use.

Prior to even beginning the paddle-making process, each raw plank is planed and worked to a finer level of smoothness than many other paddle-makers ever reach in their entire process. From here the paddle is cut out and shaped, the edges are routed, and all holes are drilled and chamfered.

As the sanding process commences, each paddle is continuously being refined to a mirror-smooth finish, working its way through five (5) ascending grits – with the paddle be submerged in water between each grit, causing any resilient grain to rise.

From here the paddle undergoes any type of artwork additions the design may require, be that pyrography by hand or a hand-carved/routed recessed design. Likewise, any epoxy inlays are also added at this time.

Assuming that the paddle has made it to this point in the process – as we are sometimes forced to remove paddles from production due to a discovered or developed flaw – it has earned the right to bear our mark and will be branded accordingly.

From here the sanding process continues, as each paddle is honed to perfection, working its way through six (6) additional ascending grits. Only paddles that have made it to this point are moved to the finishing process, where they will continue to be sanded between coats, using ascending grits, up to a final grit of 5,000.

Rather than using harsh chemical-based finishes, we layer finish all of our paddles utilizing all-natural food-safe culinary-grade oils & heavy waxes specifically blended to a variety of preset weights and viscosities.

Furthermore, in addition to being non-toxic and solvent-free, all of our blended finishes contain various natural UV inhibitors which help protect the natural hues and shades of the wood throughout time!

As maintaining environmentally conscious practices is a core value of ours, our paddles are NEVER treated with any type of finish which either contains or produces toxins – including, but is not limited to, polyurethane, varathane, varnish, tung oil, or any type of acrylic finish. Alternatively, all of our paddles are finished utilizing a combination of intense sanding and the application of several coats of our all-natural finish – with additional sanding and buffing between each coat.


Furthermore, we never use stains, dyes, or pigment coloring to enhance or modify the natural colors, shades, tones, and hues of our wooden paddles. As such, the finished coloring of each of our paddles is the authentic natural color of the wood brought out by our detailed sanding and finishing processes.

Unfortunately, our skills as photographers do not match our skills as craftsmen and do not do natural wood the justice it deserves. As such, the deep hues of rich color, the vivid bands of shading, and the beautiful grain patterns of our paddles never truly pop in a picture the way they do in your hand.