Twisted Engineering has partnered with deGiotto Rope, owned and operated by Houston’s Giotto, to get our hands on some of the best hand-laid raw hemp bondage rope in the world.

Each hank is treated with Twisted Engineering’s Rope Oil – an all-natural vegan-friendly jojoba oil – which penetrates deep into the rope, adding good moisture to lubricate the fibers, allowing them to bend rather than break. At this point, each hank is hung loosely and allowed to “dry” for 48 hours, at which the process is repeated if needed.

From here, each hank is hand-finished with our trademark bomb-proof palm and needle whipping, utilizing heavy-duty whipping twine.

It is important to note that while Twisted Engineering’s Rope Readying Policy requires the entire length of each hank to be inspected by the rope handler upon completion of each phase; Jedi further inspects each rope personally, both before it begins being processing, as well as after the finish has been completed. While this comprehensive inspection process is intended to ensure the overall safety of our products, it in no way absolves each rigger of their personal responsibilities regarding their own rope.

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results