Our tack inserts are designed to be worn between the skin and your intimate clothing, without destroying said clothing in the process.

While tackware is commonly used as an intense form of sensation play, given its ability to induce a heightened awareness of one’s physical self, it has also been known to be used as a form of discipline for particularly bratty individuals.

Unlike other designs which make use of common household thumb tacks, all of our tackware utilizes upholstery nails that feature an extended shaft length to enhance sensation. Additionally, the head of each nail has been permanently affixed to the insert using an eco-friendly industrial adhesive, this prevents the nails from eventually working their way out, while ensuring that all of our inserts remain machine washable (so long as they are washed within a garment bag), making cleaning them a breeze.

Whether the goal is pain or painful pleasure, our tack inserts are a favorite among submissives and masochists alike.

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Showing all 3 results