Frequently Asked Questions

Policy Questions

Short answer, no.

Not only does Twisted Engineering never sell any of our visitors personal information, we do not employ the use of cookie for advertisement targeting, as we do not allow third party advertising on our site.

For more information on how Twisted Engineering respects and protects your information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Yes, and you would be hard pressed in this day in age to find a website that doesn’t.

While cookies have gotten a bad rap over the years (partially do to a lot of misinformation which has resulted in a general lack of understanding as to what they actually are and what they actually do, and yes, partially because various large companies and other notorious individuals use them to exploit unsuspecting people), the truth is, they are neither good nor bad – it is how they are used which determines the outcome.

So what cookies do we use and why?

Twisted Engineering uses mandatory and performance cookies to help insure proper functionality and compatibility of our site with your device and browser.

Additionally we use analytical cookies to anonymously collect analytics data about our sites overall traffic and the varying interests of individual products, services, and educational material we provide. While this data isn’t critical for the sites operation, it does play an important role in helping us appraise overall interests, allowing us to continue to develop and produce the things our patrons are most interested in, and drop those which are not.

While we completely respect your rights to opt out of the use of these types of cookies,

we also strongly request that you take a moment to reconsider, as your feedback (both direct and indirect) is very important to how we connect with our patrons and helps shape how we grow as a company.

For more information, please see our Cookie Policy.

Shipping Questions

We ship everything as nondescript as possible. We use unmarked corrugated boxes and tubes, as well as standard bubble mailers. All packages are sealed with heavy duty filament tape to prevent accidental opening during shipping and delivery.

Absolutely! We understand that as the cost of fuel goes up, so does the cost of shipping. So by all means save yourself the cost of shipping when you can. All we ask is that you make the arrangements with us prior so we can insure we will be in the shop when you get there.

We can also arrange for pickup should you be attending an event that we will be at, so long as it has been discussed prior for feasibility (e.g. do not place a custom order on Friday morning and expect to pick it up at a play party later that night). Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any further questions.

Short answer, yes!  We will very happily ship your order anywhere in the world our products are sold.

That said, in addition to the fiscal responsibility assumed by the customer for shipping and customs costs, upon purchase, the customer shall also assume all responsibility for ensuring the the items for which they purchased are legally deliverable within the borders of the country of delivery.  Twisted Engineering will not be liable for any items seized by customs due to restrictions held in place by the country of delivery.

As a matter of principle, in stock items generally ship the next business day.  That said, we all know life happens, especially for small businesses with minimal staffing.  Likewise, freak storms and catastrophic events can hamper expected fulfillment and shipping times. So, if something should happen, and your order takes a day or two to ship, we ask that your please bear with us as we always do our best.

For made to order custom items, and products which are back ordered, a lead time of 5-weeks or more may be required as we man not have all of the required materials in stock, and even then, all of our products are made by hand.  Turnaround time depends on several factors, including the size and complexity of your order, the availability of required stock, your place in line, time of year, weather (yes, seriously), etc.

Should there be a delay in processing or shipping, we try to send out emails or updates on the website.  Please make sure to check your spam folder as sometimes our messages may get filtered depending on your settings!

Rope Questions

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as the choice is primarily personal preference. Both ropes offer exceptional performance, moves fluidly while tying, and offer a good life expectancy when maintained properly.

Jute is the lightweight, has unrivaled tooth for frictions and locks, and is the more traditional rope of Japanese rope bondage. Additionally, jute fibers are course and scratchy, which adds a small degree of discomfort to the tie, a preferred factor for many.

Hemp is heavier than jute but is also nearly twice as strong and offers great tooth for frictions and locks. Likewise, hemp fibers are softer than their jute counterparts, giving it a more “cotton type feel.

For a more comprehensive comparison, please check out our Bondage Rope Quick Reference Guide.

Again, there is no right or wrong answer to this question, assuming the wax has been added after the rope was properly lubricated with oil – remember, wax doesn’t lubricate the fibers, it only protects them.

While adding wax to your jute does offers many benefits such as additional resistance against wear and water absorption, it potentially can result in a  few “draw backs” (depending on your preferences) such as adding a small amount of weight to your rope, thereby changing the way it flows.

For a more comprehensive comparison, please check out our Bondage Rope Quick Reference Guide.

While we do offer some of our ropes in a wide variety of colors, we are currently unable to produce custom colored ropes. The reason behind this is simple. “Core dyeing” produces the most vibrant and consistent coloring and is achieved by dying the loose yarns prior to any portion of the rope being laid. This allows for an smooth even color which entirely penetrate each twisted strand, and later the rope itself.

As we are unable to lay our own rope at this time, we would have to surface dye the rope, which is achieved by submerging the entire rope in a vat and allowing the dye to penetrate the rope via wicking. Unfortunately, this technique makes it impossible for us to dye our rope completely and uniformly in a manner consistent with our standards. As such, we offer the following options.

Our jute is hand laid for us by Mocojute, who, at this time, is not offering any colors other than natural.

Our hemp is hand laid for us by deGiotto Rope and is available in many beautifully “core dye” colors.

Not sure what kind of rope you’d like?  Browse our collection of bondage rope where you will find a full overview and spec sheet for each type of rope we have available. If you are looking for something a little more “at a glance”, then pop on over to our Bondage Rope Quick Reference Guide where you will find quick comparisons charts for different rope types.

Rope condition, typically broken down into three categories (raw, oil treated, & wax treated), describes the level of treatment the rope has received.

Rope finishing, typically broken down into three categories (unfinished, knotted, & whipped), describes the current state of the ends of the rope.

A more comprehensive look into rope conditioning and finish can also be found in our Bondage Rope Quick Reference Guide.

Hand laid bondage rope is crafted by twisting fibers together to form single, double, triple ply yarns. These yarns are then twisted to form strands, which are then back spun together to create rope.

Unfortunately, we at Twisted Engineering do not lay any of the rope we sell ourselves, as it is just to labor and cost intensive a process for us to undertake in the bulk required to be profitable at this time.

However, nawashi Jedi, is passionate about getting high quality bondage rope into the hands of others who shared his passion. Therefore, we have partnered with some of the best bondage rope makers in the world to supply us with their masterfully crafted ropes which we then condition and finish ourselves.

JBO, or Jute Batching Oil, is a crudely distilled petroleum byproduct often used to keep jute fibers moist and pliable during the rope making process. While JBO is great at keeping jute lubricated, it has been implicated in a lot of health issues, ranging from acne, to allergic reactions, to potentially containing mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. Unfortunately, until semi recently, most jute rope contained some form of JBO.

While a large number of manufactures continue to use JBO in the construction of their jute ropes, especially those manufactured in factory settings using large machines to assemble and lay the rope – which isn’t inherently bad when you consider that these ropes are intended for work use on inanimate objects rather than recreational use on people – you can rest easy knowing that all our jute is JBO free.  

In consideration of the health risks related to JBO, many rope craftsmen and riggers have switched to using mineral oil as a cheap alternative to lubricate their hand-laid jute ropes. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the use of mineral oil to lubricate bondage ropes, given that it is generally accepted as “skin safe”, some individuals with more sensitive skin have reported mild to moderate irritation from prolonged contact. Thus, all our jute is mineral oil free.  

While jojoba oil is undisputedly a more expensive alternative to both JBO and mineral oil, the benefits for its use are also incontrovertible and numerous – not just for your rope but also for your (and your rope bottom’s) skin. Scientifically proven to moisturize and rejuvenate skin, jojoba oil also reduce inflammation, prevent acne, fight free radical damage, boost the immune system, and so much more. As a result of overwhelming evidence, all Twisted Engineering natural fiber ropes (jute and hemp) are lubricated using a high quality, ethically sustainable, jojoba oil only.


All of our ropes as hand laid, hand conditioned, and hand finished, as such we are able to customize orders (to a degree) on behalf of our patrons. Please note that customization of your rope may affect the order processing time and overall pricing.

If you are wanting to customize something about your rope order, please feel free to contact us with your specs and we can put together an estimate/invoice for you.