Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of Order by Customer
Once an order has been placed, in stock items are dispatched (packaged and shipped) relatively quickly, while made to order and custom products are added to the production queue. Once a product has been package or production has begun, cancellation of the order is no longer possible. See CP1

In the event you were unsuccessful in canceling your order in time, and no longer wish to receive the product(s) you ordered, please refer to our Return Policy for provisions on how to return them.


For the purpose of this policy, Product Production is considered to have begun whenever an order or procurement of product related materials specific to that product has been made, or whenever physical construction of said product begins, whichever transpires first. In cases which the product requires a new prototype to be drafted and design, the order shall remain eligible for cancellation up until it enters the production phase, however, all cost resulting from time and materials spent on the project are billable, and will be deducted accordingly from the refund amount.

Cancellation of Order by Twisted Engieering
Twisted Engineering, at it’s sole discretion (and without providing reasons or forewarning), may cancel an order, or any part thereof, before it is dispatched. Sometimes we do this to prevent fraudulent orders and when our Fraud Department has advised us to do so. If an order has already been paid for, once the order or portion of the order, is canceled, the payment source will be credited, pro-rated for the actual canceled amount, or a refund given within terms of our policies, as soon as practical thereafter. Paid Shipping or other matters, taxes, etc. that were paid at the time, for the items or order that has been canceled, will be refunded on orders or parts thereof, pro-rated to actual cost, once canceled by Twisted Engineering. In cases where there is a stock issue, we may notify a customer and attempt to offer a suitable replacement at or greater in value before cancellation is finalized. We may also provide discounts in cases where there is a stock issue. We may provide coupons as well to make up for our oversight.

This Policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.

The version of this Policy is effective February 12, 2021