Return Policy


Return Policy

Products Purchased Directly from Twisted Engineering
All products which have been purchased directly from Twisted Engineering, either in person or through the use of this site, and which have not been exempted by either the Warranty or Return Policies, and do not otherwise include return policy notations within their prospective product descriptions, or via invoice, may be returned to Twisted Engineering with 30 days from the date the product was received.

Products Purchased from an Authorized Reseller
Twisted Engineering products purchased through an authorized reseller, must be returned to the originating reseller, as Twisted Engineering is unable to verify purchases made in this fashion, who will complete the return in accordance with our Policies.

Products Purchased from all Other Sellers
Any legitimately manufactured and licensed Twisted Engineering product which was obtained in a manner outside of the aforementioned manners, as well as all counterfeit Twisted Engineering products, are not eligible for return or warranty by Twisted Engineering or any of our Authorized Resellers.

In the event of a conflict of wording, the terms noted on an authorized invoice shall supersede the terms of this policy.

For example, if the customer’s invoice states that an included product must be return within a certain time frame, and the same product is noted in our policy as having other terms, this would create a conflict in wording. In such cases, the terms on the invoice would supersede the terms of this policy.

To clarify, we sell a wide variety of products on our site that have been manufactured directly by Twisted Engineering, while at the same time, we also sell products that are related to our Product Partners, and as such may have restrictions that we must apply. In these cases, the prospective product description or invoice will take this into account. In cases where our Product Partner’s terms do not differ, or do not require us to differ, from our own policies, invoices for these items may or may not indicate the applicable terms.

If necessary, before we approve a return, an exchange, or otherwise, we may ask for pictures, information, and otherwise, to ensure a smooth return process. We may refuse or limit matters for failure to comply with any reasonable request of information that provides us with data to decide whether items may qualify for returns. This applies in all cases, whether it was the wrong product received or not. Any fraud or abuse under this or other sections of our Policies may result in legal or other action.

All products are conveyed Free On Board (FOB) shipping point, as is the standard for most businesses. This means, that as the seller of goods, we are obligated to deliver purchased goods to a predetermined carrier that will then deliver the goods to the customer, thus the obligation of the seller ends when the goods are received by the carrier. Likewise, title and ownership of the package and its contents are thereby transferred to the buyer once possession of the package is received by the carrier facility.

Intrinsically, Twisted Engineering is not responsible to refund or replace items due to loss or damage caused by shipping, nor shall we be held liable for items that have not been received by us, except in cases where we have provided you with a return shipping label.

Should your product be lost or damaged in transit, including cases in which tracking data indicates the package has been delivered even though no package is present, it is solely your responsibility to contact the carrier and file a claim seeking reimbursement. We are of course happy to support you by provide any documentation you may require while filing your claim. Should you still desire the product(s), you may repurchase them at any time. If the item was a custom or “one of a kind” piece, we will do our best to duplicate the item as exactly as possible, within the availability of materials.

Although we do our absolute best to ensure accuracy throughout our entire fulfillment process, we are after all only human, and mistakes do happen. In rare cases, orders may get switched, and the wrong product ends up delivered to the wrong customer. Should you discover that you have received an incorrect product (s), please contact us within 5 day of receiving the wrong product(s), so that we can begin the exchange process. Please make sure to include the order number as well as a full account of the items received and those that are missing. See also, WP1

DO NOT send returning items back to us prior to receiving instructions from us to do so.

Once the matter has been reviewed, we will email you a prepaid shipping label with which you will have 5 days to initiate the shipment of the incorrect product(s) back to us.  Please note that should you choose to use a shipping method other than the one provided by us; we reserve the right to refuse the parcel. See also, WP1

Once we have received the incorrect product(s) back, and reviewed their condition, we will ship the correct product(s) to you at no charge.


Failure to apply the above noted procedures may void the exchange. In such a case, we may, at our discretion, choose to refund the original payment method or issue gift certificate, or otherwise applicable refund for the cost of the original product ordered, less the cost of the wrong product received. If the product was purchased with a gift certificate, a credit to the same account may be provided.  All refunds will be credited in the name of the original purchaser.

See also, Return Exceptions for more information on items that do not automatically qualify for returns.

To initiate a return, please submit an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request. It is important to include both the product and purchase information, as well as a detailed description as to the reason for the return. Regardless of the time limits noted by our policies, for the purposes or logistic and unforeseen delays, we strongly suggest you initiate returns as soon as possible as we are not, as outlined by this policy, responsible for delays.

DO NOT send returning items back to us prior to receiving instructions from us to do so. Any package shipped to us without prior authorization will be refused at delivery, resulting in delays to the process which will not delay the policy deadline.

Once a RMA number has been assigned to your case, you will be provided with instructions on how to proceed with the return. In some cases, due to supplier restrictions, we may have to levy restocking fees that can increase the length of your wait, just another reason we recommend contacting us as soon as possible.

See also, Return Item Address for more information on the return shipping process.

See also, Return Processing Times and Refundable Methods of Payment for more information. Refunds for all accepted returns will be dispersed in a method of our choosing, to be determined by the individual circumstances of each case (at our sole discretion).

This return address is Products Purchased Directly from Twisted Engineering only.

See Return Exceptions for more information on items that do not automatically qualify for return.

Please use the address below exactly as it is printed. Do not add words such as “return”, “exchange”, or any other similar phrasing to the outside of the box.

Twisted Engineering, LLC
19210 Ruble Dr.
Houston, TX 77084

All items must be returned in the same condition as when they were received by you and contain all product packing and included documentation.  

We are not responsible for items you ship back to us that do not use the standard address specified in these policies, or in some cases an alternative address which we provide to you along with your RMA number. Unless we approve it in writing; shipping to the wrong address will not delay the return time limits.

If the return or exchange is not the result of our error, the customer shall be responsible to pay all costs relating to the packaging and shipping of the return item(s). We highly recommend you insure all packages, and use a reputable tracking service, when returning any item to us as we are not responsible for loss or damage resulting from transit.

Twisted Engineering does not accept any returns shipped to us via Cash On Delivery (COD). Deliveries of this type will be refused, and the customer will be responsible for all resulting shipping costs.

If a package or parcel looks to be damaged upon delivery to us, we reserve the right to refuse delivery. Twisted Engineering is not responsible for items in transit either to or from our location, except in cases where we paid for the return shipping and insurance. In such cases we will note the damage and contact the shipper to file the claim and would fully appreciate your cooperation to resolve the matter.

Unless first approved in writing, delays, not resulting from our error, may not delay return time limits. If we refuse a parcel for damage, it will not stop the time limit. Returning a parcel to you unopened by us, or refusing a parcel from a shipper, due to damage or otherwise, is not considered accepting the parcel. It is not until we have physically accepted the parcel into our possession and start the review of its contents, will the return be considered received. Accepting parcels, takes into account that we review the contents of the parcel to determine the returns eligibility under our policies. If they do not, we may return the items to the customer at their cost.

Twisted Engineering reserves the right to refuse to process any return which upon inspection is found to be damaged, altered, or to posses changes or alterations to the product which happened after shipping – including, but not limited to, the opening of product packaging, removal of product and/or security tags, partial use of the product, or any other Return Exception – and that this information was not accurately disclosed to us by the customer when the return was initiated. In such a case, we will contact you to arrange return shipping at your cost, to include reimbursement for any shipping costs incurred by us during the initial return process.

The following listed items are not qualified for automatic returns, however in some cases, we may still be able to find an acceptable solution. As such, you may still contact us regarding these exceptions in matters involving extenuating circumstances. We are easy people to work with after all.

  • Intimate Products.

  • Wax and Wax Based Products.

  • Bondage Rope Conditioning Products.

  • Books, DVDs, CDs, and other similar educational materials.

  • Made to Order or Custom Made Items. Products which have been commissioned at the behest of a customer, and for which details pertaining to the development and/or construction of the product have been specified by the customer, including, but not limited to, changes in product design, coloration, material, finish, stitching, etc.

  • Personalized Items. Products which have been personalized are considered made to order, and thus not returnable. Including, but not limited to, pyrography, engraving, etching, stamping, etc.

  • Re-sized Items. If you choose to have us re-size an item (such as a collar, set of cuffs, or otherwise), or if you choose a size other than a stock size shown the item is then considered a custom made item.

  • Singularity Items. At times, as part of our creative process, we wind up producing one offs, generally these are the results of an idea that did not end up developing in a way which was feasible for scalable production. In these cases, the item is sold as is, and is exempt from warranty or return.

  • Partially Used Products or Opened Product Packages. All products with their original packaging, must be unopened, unused, & undamaged. All tags and security seals must not have been removed or tampered with. Obvious signs of tampering, use, etc. may void a return.

  • Damaged or Mutilated Items. Includes scratches, tears, and other damages. If items are damaged during shipment, See Products Damaged in Transit or Not Received.

  • Hazardous and flammable materials. Do not send these items back under any circumstance unless you have received written instructions from us specifying to do so.

  • Wholesale Items.

  • Clearance and Discontinued Items.

  • Items sold “As Is”, “Final Sale”, or other similar such wording, including, but not limited to, items that note no returns.
Should we agree to return any of the above listed products, all monetary refunds will be issued (at our sole discretion) in the method of our choosing, generally as store credit, to be determined by the individual circumstances of each case.
If the return is not do to our error, this includes cases in which we agree to return otherwise nonreturnable items, or items that are noted under our Return Exceptions; we may quote a price for returning them after associated fees are taken into account. Fees can change as noted in these policies once we receive the items and they are nor as you described them to be. We will honor an invoice for the time stated; contingent on the items returned being as described. If you do not return items within the time noted, we may cancel the return and refuse a parcel.

Payment Processing Fee
We may deduct any payment processing fees we incurred as a result of processing your payment from any return refund. Likewise, we may also deduct other payment related fees including unforeseen currency exchange fees, tariffs, taxes, or otherwise. We of course do not deduct these fees in cases where the return was due to our error.

Initial Shipping and Insurance
Initial shipping and insurance costs will not be refunded unless the error was clearly and solely ours. If we paid any portion of the original shipping, insurance, etc., this cost shall be deducted prior to us finalize your return.

Product Packaging and Included Items
All Items sent to you with the product, including gifts, free items, product bags/boxes, literature, or otherwise accompaniments, must be returned in the same condition in which they were received. We may deduct out of pocket costs (+25% markup) from your refund, for non-returned or damaged items, as well as items that show signs, not limited to wear, misuse, alteration, or other issues. We reserve the right to refuse a return if problems exist when customer returns items.

Restocking Fee
Some products include a restocking fee. In cases where a restocking fee applies, the customer will be made aware during the RMA process prior to the products requested return.  A restocking fee will never be charged for products in which the return was a result of our error.

Miscellaneous Charges Paid by Twisted Engineering Any fees, or other costs we incur, including any out of pocket fees (+25% markup), except noted in our policies or the product descriptions, to ship your items, may be deducted from your refund. This includes, but is not limited to, fees such as specialized packaging – this excludes normal shipping packaging fees such as shipping boxes, bubble wrap, etc. – gift wrapping, or otherwise. Add-on fees may fall under Return Exceptions.

Decisions on returns are generally issued within 5 business days of us receiving the product, during which time the item undergoes the required check and inspections. To avoid delays in this process, please be as detailed and accurate as possible during your correspondence with us. You will be notified by email once a decision has been reached.

In cases of an exchange, if the error was our, the replacement product will be shipped as soon as the return process has been finalized, with the cost of shipping and insurance covered by us. However, if the exchange was not due as a result of our error, an invoice for the cost of shipping and insurance for the new product will be sent to the customer for payment, with the replacement product being shipped to the customer upon receipt of payment.

In cases where a refund (in lieu of an exchange) is to be provided, in which a payment processor was used (e.g. Credit Card, ATM Debit Card, PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, etc.), a breakdown of the refund, including any applicable fees which have been deducted from the original amount, with the decision email. All monetary refunds will be issued (at our sole discretion) in the method of our choosing, to be determined by the individual circumstances of each case and credited to the customer as soon as practical upon the finalization of the return. Recrediting payment sources may take a few days or more to show up and be cleared by your processor.  Processing times may vary depending on the processor, and we are not responsible for any delays once we have submitted the credit to the processing source. All return payment credits will be made to the original payment source only. If this source it no longer available, we will submit a check payable to the original customer, minus all fees and postage to do so, to the address we have of file.

In cases where a refund (in lieu of an exchange) is to be provided, in which a gift card or store credit was used, a breakdown of the refund, including any applicable fees which have been deducted from the original amount, with the decision email. All creditary refunds (i.e. store credit, gift card) will be issued (at our sole discretion) in the method of our choosing, typically mirroring the original payment method, and credited to  the customer as soon as practical upon the finalization of the return.

In cases where the refund is due to the cancellation of an order within the available time, the transaction will be voided, and a refund will be recredited to the original payment method.

Store credits are not transferable to other customers, without our prior approval, and must be used within 1 year of being credited. Unless approved by us in writing, there will be no cash or other refunds given in lieu of store credit.

In cases where we have contacted a customer to make arrangements to settle their outstanding balance, including the cost of return shipping the item(s) back to them and any associated reimbursable costs, and the appropriate arrangements can not be made, we will turn the unclaimed property over to the State’s Unclaimed Property Division as required under the law.

If the matter consists of an unclaimed payment, check or otherwise that we sent to you and was returned to us, we will deduct the cost of postage from the payment, and in some cases a fee may be assessed for time in dealing with turning the matter over to the State. These deductions will be reflected on an invoice to be turned over with the payment; made payable as prescribed by applicable law.

Important Notes Accompanying All Returns and Exchanges
The more information you provide to us, the faster the process will be. We value you as a customer and will do our best to ensure a smooth and easy return experience; but it is paramount that we are on the same page throughout this endeavor, no one likes unpleasant surprises. To avoid unnecessary delays and fees, it is vitally important that you adhere to our Return Policy for Time Limits, Return Processes, Return Exceptions, and otherwise. Likewise, it is highly suggested that you initiate all returns as soon as possible following the receipt of your parcel. At the end of the day, we are willing to work with you, if you are willing to work with us.  

This Policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.

The version of this Policy is effective February 12, 2021