Product Partners

In an effort to continuously bring our patrons the highest quality available, it is sometimes necessary for us to outsource aspects of our production.

In keeping with Twisted Engineering’s core values, each potential product partners is thoroughly vetted (including their labor management practices and supply chains) to ensure they comply with our high standards – for both ethical and environmental sustainability – prior to establishing any sort of business arrangement. As such, we are proud to partner with each and every one on this list!

Meet Our Product Partners

deGiotto Rope

» We have partnered with the master rope maker Giotto as our exclusive source for raw hemp bondage rope «

Like most great ideas, deGiotto rope started in a garage. Once upon a time, he was invited to the Whatknot in Austin to help make some rope. Senor Jamie had a little hand crank machine, some simple tools and a lot of friends. They took some cheap hardware store hemp and flax twine and made rope. It was pretty good rope. He still carries the first one that he made in his bag.

After a bit of time making rope in his garage, Giotto resolved two things:

  1. He knew he could make better rope than he had seen being used for bondage, and he wanted to make the best or at least the very best that he could make with what he had.

  2. If he wasn’t going to have any help, he had to refine his process so that he could make rope by himself.
Somewhere along the line he decided that making rope in colors would be a good idea. Having been dissatisfied with the choices and the expense of the colored hemp yarns that were available. He bought some white yarn and some red dye, made some rope, and then dyed it. It looked OK until he looked inside the twist to find that the inside was still white. As he compared it to the colored ropes that others were selling, he noticed that the inside of their ropes were undyed as well. Even more unsettling was when he realized that when the rope was cut it revealed that the cores of the strands were not dyed either.

Knowing he could do better, he took the same white yarn and the same red dye and dyed them before making them into rope. It looked FANTASTIC! He was now satisfied he could make rope that had smooth and consistent color all the way through.

After years of trial and error, of tangling (and untangling) 50,000 foot stretches of yarn, of designing and building rope machines, rope tools and a dozen other contraptions, he finally felt ready to go into serious production.

His methods are now so refined that he can turn out a mile of rope a day, with bright and consistent colors. The rope is firm and keeps it’s shape yet is soft to the touch. The only major change is that he no longer dyes his own yarn, as his yarn suppliers now do that with their big machines. However, the dye is absolutely consistent throughout and makes the rope that much better.

He is proud of what we sell. Very proud. But still his quest goes on to make it even better.
Product Partner

♥ Jedi's personal choice for premium hemp bondage rope ♥

Product Partner

♥ Jedi's personal choice for premium rope bondage bamboo ♥

The Flaming Bamboo Company

» We have partnered with the Flaming Bamboo Company as our exclusive source for rope bondage bamboo «

In 1945, upon returning from WWII, an Army doctor planted a bamboo rhizome (root) he acquired in SE Asia. It turned out to be a cold tolerant massive species, Phyllostachys edulis, which grows to 6” diameter and up to 85’ tall. This mature stand of Moso Bamboo is now 75 years old and yields some of the most impressive bamboo anywhere in the USA!

Proudly grown and processed in Columbia, South Carolina, the Flaming Bamboo Company exclusively cultivates, harvests and processes their giant Moso Bamboo using a special method of sun treating and flame curing which renders a high quality unique finish and appearance with very durable, long-lasting and attractive qualities. Maintaining a healthy inventory of finished sizes, the Flaming Bamboo Company ships Moso Bamboo nationwide.

While not an exclusive producer of bamboo specifically for rope bondage suspension, the Flaming Bamboo Company has chosen to go above and beyond. Using feedback from different Riggers around the country, they have develop a line of higher quality bamboo specifically intended for use as a suspension hard point – which they affectionately referred to as their “shibari grade” bamboo.


» We have partnered with the master rope maker Moco as our exclusive source for raw jute bondage rope «

M0cojute LLC is owned and operated by Moco. Having a passion for dynamic and challenging rope work, Moco takes pride in his performances, from music choice, to props, to just being out and out ridiculous.

Product Partner

♥ Jedi's personal choice for premium jute bondage rope ♥

Product Partner

Personal Designs By Misty

» We have partnered with Misty to stitch and embroider all of all of our furoshiki rope bags, our tenugui, and our elegant paddle bags. «

Personalized Designs by Misty is dedicated to providing high quality customized products for all your needs. From vinyl for shirts, windows and walls to tumblers to your sewing and embroidery needs, we’re here for you.