Industrial Cable Cane Head (Stainless Steel)


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This product has been handcrafted using natural and synthetic materials

22-in x 3/4-in (55.88cm x 19mm) diameter cable,
24-in (60.96m) overall length

While the industrial cable cane head can be used effectively by itself, it works best when combined with one of our Industrial Impact Series handles (sold separately).

Oh yes, we know this tool looks scary as hell! That it oozes intimidation throughout your entire play space each time it is put together, but if we are being completely honest, that’s half the reason we designed it in the first place.

Constructed from 3/4″ diameter, 6×19 304 stainless steel cable securely seated into a black iron fixture using electrically isolating resin epoxy. Due to the nature of the design, the cable has the ability to flex under even moderate pressure, and it is this flexibility that allows our Industrial Cable Cane to redistribute its inertia, thereby redirecting the impulse of force. In layman’s terms, this incredibly thuddy cane has the ability to create beautiful, deep swirling marks your bottom will be excited to show off.

The tip of the cable has been friction welded and ground smooth, allowing the wielder to safely draw the tip across the recipient’s skin creating sensations ranging from tantalizingly light and teasing to heavier pressure which can leave a clearly defined mark. Likewise, the tip can be pressed into the bottom for a little pressure point play.

Looking for something a little more intense?

Why not shock your partner and add a little electric play?

As the steel cable has been electrically isolated from its connecting adapter, it may be paired with any electric play device which uses a Body Contact Cable to reverse current flow (e.g. Violet Wand, Electrosex Power Box, etc.), allowing the recipient to feel the sparks and shocks while you are kept safely outside the circuit.

Likewise, both the spiraling sides (which produce many softer, less intense sparks) and the tip (which generally creates one intense spark) can function as the spark source.

Perhaps climate change is more your thing?

Has your partner been giving you the cold shoulder? Try adding a little temperature play to show them what cold really is.

Due to its steel construction, our Industrial Cable Cane Head possesses the ability to remain cold and continue projecting a temperature so low it can be felt merely by waving the cable near the bottom for an extended period of time.

Unfortunately, however, due to its sheer mass, the cable does not cool instantly, or even quickly. For this reason, it is recommended that the cane head be placed in a freezer, or container of dry ice, a few hours prior to its intended use.

If you do not have time to wait on the freezer, liquid nitrogen can be used, however, it can still take upwards of 30 minutes from the time the cable is removed from the liquid nitrogen until the temperature has cooled below the boiling point.

Industrial Impact Series

What makes Twisted Engineering’s Industrial Impact Series unique?

Unlike traditional implements, the components of this system were not designed as a standalone unit, but rather to allow complete interchangeability between the fundamental components, giving the user complete autonomy to customize any combination of head and handle they choose.

Each component of the Industrial Impact Series features interlocking black iron hardware, which is protected by a corrosion-resistant ceramic finish.


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