Small Delrin Cane Bundle – Black


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This product has been handcrafted using synthetic materials

7 Rods – 1/4-in x 24-in (6.35mm x 61cm),
11/16-in (17.87 mm) overall diameter

This cane bundle features a black non-slip polymer handle for a comfortable and secure grip.

If you are tired of breaking your canes, then Delrin is for you!

As there is a direct correlation between the position of the adjustable o-ring and the intensity of the sensation in which this cane bundle will delivers; this unique tool is capable of change its degree of ferocity simply by moving the o-ring progressively along the length of the shafts.

While the o-ring is at the furthest end of the bundle, the individual shafts are held together tightly, thus the impact is similar to a singular cane. However, as the O-ring is maneuvered closer to the handle, the individual shafts are allowed to spread apart, creating multiple simultaneous impact point.

While traditional cane bundles were typically constructed from rattan – as unlike bamboo, rattan is a solid wood, and despite being one of the strongest woods in the world, it is also flexible – however, like any other wood, small diameter rattan is prone to cracking and breaking with impact. Thus, in keeping with Twisted Engineering’s high standards, an alternative material was needed.

Comprised of seven (7) individual Delrin rods, each converging together at one end to form a handle. Having has been designed to last a lifetime, this exceptional cane bundle is virtually unbreakable, specifically handcrafted for individuals who lend themselves to a heavier swing.

Delrin, a type of acetal homopolymer, is part of a family of engineering thermoplastic PolyOxyMethylene (POM) available in two general types of resins: copolymer acetal (POM-C), and homopolymer acetal (POM-H). Typically used in the construction of precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability; Delrin is able to retain its flexibility without compromising strength, making it a more effective caning material than previous standards such as polycarbonates (Lexan), acrylics, carbon fiber, and of course rattan.

FDA, USDA, NSF, and 3-A Dairy compliant, Delrin can be cleaned easily using standard disinfecting wipes – a critically important detail for individuals sharing tools between multiple play partners.

In addition to adding a colorful flare, the color of each handle directly corresponds with a designated rod diameter. Constructed from Polyolefin, a class of polymer produced as a monomer from a simple olefin, a durable material free of both latex or nitrile, making it safe for use by those with common contact allergies.


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